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The Human Edge Advantage: Mastering The Art of Being ALL IN

74 gigabytes (GB): This is the average amount of data our brains process each day, a number that is escalating. As the amount of information continues to increase, the business world becomes more complex, and workers at all levels end up feeling exhausted, leaders must find new ways to unify, inspire, and drive their organizations forward. 


In The Human Edge Advantage, author Lisa Danels guides leaders on the art of being all in-how to create a wondrous space in which co-creation, collaboration, and creativity flourish, and workers create meaningful connections that lead to breakthroughs and results. This exhaustively researched book is divided into four parts: 


Part I, "Integrating Head, Heart, and Gut" Ground-breaking tools and techniques to help you understand how to open your mind (your power to think), your heart (your power to feel), and your gut (your power of intuition).

Part II, "Cultivating Personal Power" Effective approaches to hone your awareness of all that you are, so that you can leverage your full self from moment to moment: in your experiences, interactions, decision-making, and understanding. 

Part III, "Connecting with Others": Proven methods on how to deepen and expand your relationships, so that your leadership becomes a powerful interaction with the team.

Part IV, "Co-Creating Possibilities" Creative guidance on how to use your connections to spark insight, innovation, transformation, and new possibilities. 


Filled with useful exercises, revelatory case studies, and practical strategies, The Human Edge Advantage is an invaluable tool to help you create meaningful connections and bring everyone all in.

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