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At a very early age, Lisa realized there was much more than the outside world giving signals and cues on operating and living. As early as she could remember, she was guided by her internal guidance system or her intuition. If upset, she would go for a long walk, and the answers to her problems would suddenly appear. Lisa realized that not all her friends could tap into this gift, and she learned to cherish, cultivate, and honor her intuition while she grew into adulthood.

In her early twenties, she met many interesting people who were catalysts for her to walk her spiritual pathway and truth. For years, she studied with many teachers and was influenced by human and psychological development. 

During a walking meditation, a flash of intuition bursts forward: "Your life purpose is to wake people up to who they really are."  At 26, she didn't really know what to do with that big insight, but all her work and life experiences were leading her toward gaining the skills needed to do just that. 


During her personal development, she realized the power of stepping into your personal power and taking accountability for what you create in your life. This shift is profound and life-changing.

She aims to share her wisdom and knowledge to wake people up so they can follow their purpose and give their genius back to society.  While living their purpose every day, she hopes to expand their consciousness and make the world a better place. She especially likes to work with leaders as they touch so many people in society, and they can influence their companies and society. 


To cultivate self-aware leaders who know themselves, authentically connect with others, share power, and create magical spaces for teams to co-create.

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Identity Shifting

For each one of us to step into the best version of ourselves, we need to start with shifting into the next best version of ourselves; this can only happen when we can imagine who we want to become. It's impossible to move past the current image you have of yourself.  Come learn more about this process Lisa uses in her Human Edge Advantage work.

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