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Clapping Audience

Team Journeys

Lisa works with senior leaders and their teams to enhance performance by bringing them on a high-performance team journey. As part of the journey, Lisa engages with the leaders personally, allowing them to self-reflect and gain insight into their leadership's impact on others. Her goal is to increase their self-awareness. She explores the shadow of the leader concept so they better understand how their actions impact and shape the rest of the organization.


Keynote Speaker

Lisa, in her keynote speeches, showcases The Human Edge Advantage work. She takes people on a journey into themselves and allows them to step into their personal power. She engages the group in a process of authentic connection and co-creation, leaving the group in a state of awe that they were able to solve a problem that seemed to be unsolvable before. Join Lisa and be inspired by her wisdom, her ability to connect to the audience authentically, and her ability to engage those into action.

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