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Inside Personal Growth Podcast

Inside Personal Growth Podcast

23. November 2023

Podcast 1074: The Human Edge Advantage: Mastering the Art of Being All In with Lisa Danels

Welcome back to Inside Personal Growth! Joining us for our first episode this 2024 is author, speaker and executive coach Lisa Danels. Featured also on this episode is her new book entitled The Human Edge Advantage: Mastering the Art of Being All In.

As a motivational speaker and coach, Lisa’s focus is on developing mindful and purpose-driven leaders, unlocking their full leadership potential. With over two decades of broad business experience, she brings deep insight and sharp clarity to complex leadership issues. She has coached C-level executives, high potentials, and leaders transitioning to new or bigger roles. Lisa’s thoughtful, probing approach coupled with her strong business acumen focuses individuals and teams. Whether setting strategic direction, building a winning team, or achieving exceptional performance, Lisa understands the behaviors and actions required to get results.

Lisa is also the Executive Director of Human Edge, a company that unlocks human potential so people and organizations can adapt and thrive. They create a movement to fuel transformational change with deeper insights and superior solutions to elevate individuals, teams, and leaders at every level.

And last October 2023, Lisa released her book The Human Edge Advantage: Mastering the Art of Being All In. Here, guides leaders on the art of being all in-how to create a wondrous space in which co-creation, collaboration, and creativity flourish, and workers create meaningful connections that lead to breakthroughs and results. Lisa divided the book into four parts.

If you’re interested to know more about it and Lisa, you may click here to visit her website.

Thanks and happy listening!

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