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Lisa Danels

Author & Motivational Speaker

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A breakthrough book on the new frontier of leadership, Danels guides leaders in cracking the code to shed their masks, embrace vulnerability, create authentic connections, and spark genuine co-creation in their teams for powerful, creative results.

Step 1: Get Your Copy of The Human Edge Advantage: Mastering the Art of Being All In


Never has a book captured the full spectrum of an individual’s humanity, their head, their heart, and their gut, and translated it into practical exercises and strategies for cultivating a leadership approach grounded in authenticity. This book sums up decades of data, research, and relevant real-world life stories to shine a light on the new frontier of leadership.

Get Your Copy of Human Edge Advantage: Mastering the Art of Being All In at:

Step 2: Get your free copy of CORE™ Fusion Assessment with the book purchase


Put the concepts in the book to work with the Human Edge CORE Fusion assessment, a new assessment built off the book’s framework that illuminates where you stand in connecting to yourself and others and co-creating possibilities. Understand your masks and how to remove them, and dive deeper into how to bring out the authentic leader living inside you.  Send a book purchase receipt to along with your email, and we'll send you a link to complete the assessment.

8 Takeaways Individuals & Leaders will Learn

The Human Edge Advantage: Mastering the Art of Being ALL IN


Find the Courage

To walk with an open heart, be courageous, and understand why that’s critical for impactful leadership.

Authentic Connection

Create authentic connections to yourself and others and learn the power of selfless collaboration.

Personal Power

Step into our personal power by owning strengths and weaknesses and overcoming fears and shame to open up to your genius.


Lead your team to true co-creation, the new way to create competitive advantage and build a culture of belonging and embracing differences.

Trust Your Intuition

Trust your gut and how to use this “sense of knowing” to guide decision-making.

Workplace Culture

Build a workplace culture that encourages vulnerability and is inspired by optimism and hope.

Shed Your Masks

Shed masks (engrained in our identity) that prevent us from experiencing emotions and behaviors.

Integrate, Head, Heart & Gut

Integrate your head (power to think) your heart (power to feel), and your gut (power of intuition) to provide greater capacity for navigating life’s challenges and achieving personal and professional goals.


“Lisa Danels reimagines the idea of being all in to use one’s strengths and vulnerabilities to become a more authentic leader instead of working oneself to the point of exhaustion. The Human Edge Advantage gives insight to lead in a new way!”

Claudio Feser

Senior Advisor, McKinsey & Company

About Me

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She is an author, motivational speaker, and executive coach. Through her writing, speaking, and coaching, she creates the space for people to tap into their true essence. With her keen intuition, Lisa has a way of waking people up to their true selves and uses multiple processes that enable the integration of the head, heart, and gut (intuition), giving people more capacity to fulfill their own life purpose and goals. 

She bases her work on the latest research in leadership and psychology and her years consulting and working with leaders in Fortune 500 companies. Lisa is deeply rooted in her own spiritual pathway and always looks for ways to become more conscious and self-aware. She encourages others to open their hearts and be courageous, embrace change, find their own unique spiritual path, and, most importantly, leverage their own inner guidance system or intuition.

Lisa is a founder and Executive Director of Human Edge, where she develops new products, manages a team of senior consultants, and works with senior teams. Lisa focuses on developing mindful and purpose-driven leaders, unlocking their full leadership potential. Lisa holds a master’s degree in Organization Development and Human Resource Management from New York University and a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Public Policy and Administration with a concentration in International Relations from the University of New York at Buffalo. She is a certified executive coach and a leadership and organizational development pioneer. 

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